Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days

Dear Rach,

As I was walking yesterday, I thought about how much you enjoyed music. Not unusual. Most people do.

Remember singing along with Grams? Oh, you must've been a beautiful baby, cuz baby look at you now....

And with your daddy? Had an old dog and his name was Blue. Betcha five dollars he's a good dog, too...

Remember when we took you to see the Judds at Sea World? You had to be around 8 or 9. I'd planned it for weeks and couldn't wait to see the look on your face when you realized the surprise. Remember walking around, wondering why in the world so many attractions were closed? It was early evening and the only thing open was the kid's area where you played in the plastic ball pit. No Shamu show. No seal show. Nothing. And why were there so many people wearing Judd t-shirts (maybe I noticed and worried that you would, but you didn't - you were just having a good time with Dad & Les). I even remember walking through the parking lot toward the entrance and noticing a gorgeous bus that obviously belonged to someone famous. I can't remember if you noticed, but if you did, you had no idea who owned it. I don't think there was any signage to give away our secret. If there was, we managed to distract you.

I remember how you squealed with joy when you learned the secret and how you stood on your chair, singing and dancing along with Wynonna and Naomi. You knew the words to every single song! Definitely a fun and memorable night.

I will always think of you when I hear a song by the Judds - if I can ever listen to one again, that is.

By the way, your genius baby is singing Hebrew songs in preschool these days. Of course that shouldn't surprise you. It's in her blood.

I love you.



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