Thursday, December 01, 2005

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Dear Rach,

It's the first of December and winter has arrived with snow and bone-chilling temps. As I bundled up this morning, getting ready to brave the cold and scrape ice and snow off the Mini, I reached for my scarf and was flooded with memories of last Christmas. Amy had recently learned to crochet and was busy making scarves for everyone she knew. You were quite impressed.

So off in a whirlwind, Shaylyn in tow, you dragged Amy out to Hobby Lobby to buy all the necessary materials so she could teach you. I remember sitting back, nestled in our cozy living room, watching with pride and joy as you two sisters spent the evening giggling, chatting, and simply enjoying each other's company, making "scurvies," as Shaylyn called them. "Make me one, Aunt Ammy! Make me a scurvie!" (Ammy rhymes with Pammy). The room was filled with warmth, love and excitement.

Every time I reach for my scarf, I'll think back on that fun-filled evening and the love between you and Amy. No longer little girls, but beautiful, confident young women.




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