Sunday, February 19, 2006

Grandpa (tell me ’bout the good old days)

Dear Rach,

Today is Papa Bill's 75th birthday. Until our mass exodus from California (me, Amy and your dad to Nebraska; you and your mom to Virginia; and Nana and Papa to Oregon), the two of you celebrated your birthdays together. I'm not sure how many candles we put on the cakes!

Thinking about those birthday celebrations, not just yours and Papa Bill's, but all the cousins' and aunts' and uncles', brings back such happy memories. Sure it was noisy and chaotic, but that was part of the fun. Even though we all lived in San Diego County, we often didn't get together until it was time to celebrate the next birthday. Of course, with a big family, that didn't take too long. I think we had every month covered!

Nana and Papa welcomed you (and your daddy) into our family with open arms, never once thinking of you as a step-granddaughter. They loved you and mourn your death with deep, deep sadness.

I wish we could all be in Oregon to help Bill celebrate his milestone birthday, but we'll be there in spirit.

All of us.




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